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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  March 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. this is fox 5 news at six. >> streets flood, rivers rushing and the rain keeps coming. good evening. the entire area soaked from the mountains in the west to the eastern shore there. is standing water on roads and pooling in front yards. the rain is coming even harder. gwen is watching conditions. i don't know -- can't even get your name off the top of the show. >> everybody is just so sick of it. talk about a washed out
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weekend. we have had our fair share of rainfall. the snow melting has caused a lot of problems. let's start with a look at radar. this is the live doppler radar. you can see not a whole lot showing up. just a drizzle, light sprinkle. this morning heavier rainfall across the area it still does president mean we are out of the woods. we still have more precipitation. you can see well to the north the major part of that system just pounding parts of new england. if you still look at the washington dc area you can see to the south of us that's where we still have some precipitation that's moving its way in a little bit closer. i will just pull this up and you can see all this to the south will be wrapping around and heading our way. we are still looking at rain. not as heavy and steady as it has been. let's look at the maps.
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a coastal flood warning in effect until 1:00 p.m. on monday. that's the problem with the tides and the chesapeake bay. i will have more details. >> thank you. worries aren't just limited to streets and yards. there is a real concern about how bad it might get as the waters collect to the north and head downstream. residents and business owners are still bracing for trouble. we continue with jennifer davis. >> reporter: we are in old town down here, close to the river. we weren't expecting to be in the water when we parked 30 minutes ago we were sitting on dry land. you can see we have a couple no if you look over this isy. the water coming over the river. officials stress it this is a little bit of a problem but it's expected and isolated. they are used to this type of
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flooding. it happens quite often in these sorts of conditions. they know what to do when it happens. we are on the back side of union street. you can see debris that's come. that's stretching into the area. a lot of people down here. businesses open. some people, some business's have to use sandgs. bring those in and we expect to get more water as the evening goes along. all of this being caused by the rain and by snow melt and high tide will go with the runoff. officials plan to be down here around 8 for high tide to watch things. we were further north in arlington as well. when we were up there on the gw parkway the mount vernon pike trail, great parts are under water. huge pieces, there are ducks in the middle of the bike path.
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people having to find other ways around. we talked to one of them. >> bad across the tomoc. looks like the river swallowing the island. >> reporter: teddy roosevelt island is closed through tuesday. anyone who drives to work on the gw parkway riding their bikeeeds to know portions are washed out and under water. they expect it to be that way midway tomorrow. if you bike that way find another way. >> thank you for that. telling the story there. remember you can check the weather online. the latest conditions and the upded forecast always on the website. guns taken from crime screens now missing. police can't explain why and now an investigation is unitway. there is a good chance the
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weapons will end up on the street. >> reporter: when police recover a gun from a crime scene the gun is supposed to go an evidence room. sources say the maryland state police are investigating the disappearance of multiple weapons taken as evidence by the police department. >> it's an ongoing investigation. i can't go into details. i know that the police are looking at it carefully. i think the investigation is moving in the right direction and my office is supporting their efforts. >> reporter: the state attorney said it's to early to know if the missing guns could impact the prosecution of any cases. the washington post reports as many as 23 guns may be missing. one of them may have been used in the shooting of an off duty officer who lost a finger when two men tried to car jack him in september. >> usually when they go missing they aren't going into some legal owner's hand, they aren't going to somebody with a
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legit use. >> reporter: paul is the president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence and said one thing is for sure. police agencies need to be careful how they keep track of guns. >> we do so much to try to keep them away from dangerous people. to learn that one of our agencies has apparently lost if '2guns or had 23 misappropriated is sad and tragic. >> repter: everybody we talked to said it's a very sensitive investigation and spokesman for the state police wouldn't confirm or deny if the state is investigating. for their part both the police department and the uatf didn't want to offer comment. >> thank you. stunning new information about the shooting at the pentagon. the gun used to fire on two officers came from an unlily source. officials say the gun used was taken in a criminal case in
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tennessee. in that state guns taken but they are allowed to be resold by the police and court system. the money pays for new guns for police. they also sold a gun that was used in a federal courthouse shooting in january. that gun and the one used in the pentagon were traded to licensed gun dealers but ended up with men legally barred from owning guns. the two officers shot at the pentagon are doing fine. the suspect died of his wounds. the health care battle could soon be over but there is still a little to go. with all the number there is is one that matters most. five, that's how many votes democrats still need. now the administration said it may be willing to scrap its demands that the senate get rid of special deals to benefit their home states. >> reporter: after a year long
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battle the fate of health care will be decided this week. with the president's top domestic priority on the line the rush is onto win over last minute votes. >> there is a lot of pressure on people. i believe it'll be there at the end of the day. >> reporter: supporters are still short of the 216 needed to pass it in the house. why is the white house confident about passing it now? >> i think there is growing movement that we can't doing in. that what happens if we walk away from reform right now is what is happened to millions of american who are getting letters insurance companying that their premiums skyrocketing. >> reporter: the latest tally in the house show 211 announced votes and 220 against. this means the democrats still need five more votes. >> they will be there. the members going back home to their people who are opening up their mail and getting these
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huge increases. >> reporter: republicans is opposing the number two republican said the public doesn't want it. >> we are seeing a perversion of the rules to go ahead and ram through this trillon dollar health care that will change everybody's health care. >> reporter: aimed at winning more public support the president goes to ohio on monday for another campaign style health care event. he will meet there with a cancer patient, the white house said had to choose between keeping her health insurance or her house. in washington fox news. >> the republican leader in the house said the gop will do all it can to keep reform from passing. they call her jijad jamie. her own family talks about how she turned to an extremist. remember this the run away car stopped by a police
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officer? now the man behind the wheel says leave me alone. we aren't feeling the worst of the weather. take a look at this house. show you the devastation. we are coming right back. 
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. she was accused of plotting a terrorist attack in ireland and is now a free woman. she is the colorado mom
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arrested in an alleged terror plot. what was she doing in ireland? >> reporter: irish authorities have released the woman without filing any charges. the more disturbing allegations are coming her own family. just before leaving last fall her stepfather asked her about her plans. >> he said what will do you? strap a bomb on? she said if necessary. >> reporter: her family's main concern is the fate of her 6- year-old son. his name was christian when he lived in colorado but it was changed and he was put in a adical muslim school in ireland. he told his grandmother he was learning how to shoot a gun and kick and fight. the husband of the grandmother said the boy said we are building pipe bombs like the 4th of july. then this comment the boy told his grandmother. >> you need to become muslim
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right now he said because christians are going to burn in hell. >> reporter: she had a number of interesting online friends including jihad jane. also the colorado man who pleaded guilty last month to trying to bomb new york subways. the woman has been released but authorities haven't ruled out the possibility she could could be charged later. >> the weather is packing a punch. its been devastating for a huge portion of the country. you are looking right now at new york. we are coming back with the full forecast.
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. the man who said said his prius sped out of control said he wants to be left alone. he said he is getting death threats. that after a memo races questions about what happened. the 61-year-old has decided not to sue toyota. flooding fears not just hitting here. the weather has made a mess. this house collapsed because of the wind. the damage so bad other houses
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had to be evacuated. staten island new york uprooted trees fell on cars. extra opetors at 911 had to be called into help take reports. thousands of people throughout the area are without power. the wind and rain left almost half a million without power. now states in new jersey are cleaning up. we are covering the aftermath from the jersey shore. >> reporter: a storm dumped heavy rain on the northeast. rising water stretching from west virginia to rhode island causing rivers to rise, hurricane force winds more than 70 miles an hour causing all kinds of trouble. >> feel like mary pop ins. >> reporter: wind gusts strong enough to blow down trees and turn umbrellas inside out. >> i was sitting in my kitchen where i am now and i heard a huge crash like a bang you wouldn't believe. >> reporter: power lines came
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crashing down leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark. it also meant major train and subway delays for thousands . >> i don't want to get off. >> reporter: with no power to run the trains there was little left to do but wait and make the best of it. >> i have my baby here. my psp. >> reporter: in new jersey flash flooding for those living in some coastal and low lying areas. >> second time probably in the past month and a half we have had this kind of water on the streets. >> reporter: crews have to help some get to and from their homes. >> started low right now. i don't know what i can do. when i walk to my house. >> reporter: coast at communities like this one are no stranger to a little flooding now and then. many locals say this time was different. in new jersey, fox news. >> the weather giving all of us a hard time in this area
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just rain everywhere you look. >> definitely. everybody just sick of the rain. >> want it over. >> we have had snow, we have had rain. we have only one thing left and that's sun. >> when? >> some of that is in my forecast. >> bravo. >> we have to deal with a little more wet weather. gray skies, little bit of light rain and drizzle. even fog. some of you have had to deal with that. some a little less than others. if you look at the live radar you can see it's not showing a lot going on. little bit here around to the south. just to the west we are seeing a little bit here. we still have more rainfall that will head our way and let's start with a look -- we will show you the big picture. here to the south we have all of this, this is just spinning. you can see the moveme here
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this whole system that effected areas of the northeast to the central portion of the country and all the way to the south. reached down through mississippi at one point as well. most of it, the heavier rainfall moved off to the north. we still have some rain showers and patchy rain we will see into the course of tonight and into tomorrow behind that system. awe go to the weather map we have a coastal flood warning in effect and this is for the area as long the potomoc as well as the chesapeake bay. we talked about the tides. two to four feet above normal that's expected to be a problem as we move through tonight at high tide as well as into tomorrow. this area. don't take it lightly. a lot of the streets flooded. six inches of water can make you loose control of your car and a foot can float many vehicles. if the water is rushing and you do tend to try to get through just two feet of water can just
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float away a car. do be careful out there. some of the streets you aren't sure how deep it is, don't take the chance. turn around, don't drown. in the meantime here is when he are dealing. the coastal flood warning. we have rain to deal with tonight and monday. won't be as heavy. a few periods of heavy rain overnight. sun will return the early part of the week. as well the temperatures will rise. we are headed to the 6s. it's not all bad as we move through the forecast period. a look at some of the rain totals. over half an inch for national airport. two inches for baltimore. less than -- many of you seeing as i said just a bit of light drizzle. temperature wise cool with the clouds and the rain but close to seasonal. temperatures in the same range for the upper 40s and the low 50up and the eastern
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seaboard. they are getting pounded up there. inds are light for today and for tonight. we will see the increase in the wipeds for form. we will end up seeing a ridge of high pressure that will give us the sun for tuesday. pressure change will tighten and what does that mean? windy. the winds will pick up as we head through into the extended period into tuesday. scattered showers behind the system. high pressure tuesday that. will clear the skies out and then setsing us up for nice sunny days. light rainfall moving through into the course of tomorrow on the back side of that system that spin, still bringing us moisture before it's all said and done. by monday evening we should be doing fairly well with just mainly cloudy skies. scattered rain showers, isolated heavy spots here and there but not much. then tomorrow isolated showers, little bit on the windy side.
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the five-day forecast. the tuesday the sun starts to make its appearance. wednesday, thursday, friday with the temperatures as i said moving into the 60s. >> love to see that. come on 60s. all right. thank you. saint patrick's day wednesday but today the district turned green for the 39th yearly parade. this morning's rain didn't keep people from the parade. people on the floats threw beads. parade organizers invited people to put on the green and be irish for the day. the cavs have a big game but ovechkin exited early. that is next. access to high-speed internet, at home, at work, and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family
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. today is your day. selection sunday. the georgetown team is in. they are a three seed in the midwest. they will face ohio thursday in rhode island. last night they played west virginia for the big east tournament title. final seconds game tied at 58. west virginia inbound to butler. his shot in traffic is good with four ticks left. georgetown doesn't use a time out. wright the length of the floor but the lay in doesn't go. no foul was called. west virginia defeating georgetown 60-58 to win it's
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first title. they are in. they are a three seed in the midwest movement williams will take his team to the tournament for the 14th time. they are a four seed. also in the midwest area. they and georgetown could hook up . houston is coached by tom penders. terps fell behind georgia tech by 16 but a furious come back was had only to fall short. maryland's first loss in ten games. williams is pleased with how his team is playing as they go into the tournament . you remind a team that's how we play. that's how we played all year. it was good to see that back into our game in the second half. now you -- its everybody is in
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the same situation that's playing in the tournament. we will take our chances and hopefully play well for 40 minutes. >> they usually do in the tournament. georgia tech facing duke. final minute, driving and giving to derek for the dunk. tech down just one. duke's next possession. coming off the screen. the three is good. duke defeats georgia tech. they win their 9th title in 12 years. what if i were take soy that the capitols would loose ovechkin 12 minutes in and would trail the blackhawks 3-0 into the final period? is that something that might interest you? first period caps trail. ovechkin floor checking, hits campbell from behind into the boards. bruce is not happy. jaw was the referee because he was given a five minute major
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penalty and ejected. now the power play. scoring on the rebound. blackhawks boil built a 3-0 lead. five on three. the shot goes off the boardsin front to backstrom. his goal cuts the deficit to 3- 2. dave winning the race to the puck to stop the icing call. feeds in front. shoots and scores. they force overtime tied at three. backstrom skating in. makes a nice move. scores his second goal of the game. 28th of the year. they beat the blackhawks. 4-3 in overtime. steven making i had second spring start against the cardinals. first bat of the game. the roller. he field it's nicely and throws it first for the out. looks good. next batter. hot shot up the middle. grabbed that one pretty good to. out number two.
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later in the first, the breaking ball. the strike to end the inning. he goes three innings throwing 49. allows two hits but no runs. strikes out two. does his job but the nationals loose. they are 0-10. >> bad. >> georgetown going providence and maryland going to spokane washington. >> marching in to the madness. that's it for us at six. we will back at ten. see you then.   don't like to settle? now that any pizza at pizza hut is just $10, you don't have to. any pizza, any size, any crust, and any toppings is just $10. all your favorite pizzas any way you want them, just $10. a large meat lover's pizza? $10. a large pan supreme? $10. any toppings you want? just 10 bucks, too. any pizza, any size, any crust, and any toppings. so don't miss out. get any pizza hut pizza today for just $10.
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